Diets don’t work! Let’s talk about what does work!

Certified Health Coach and Registered Nurse

About Me


Who Am I?

I am a registered nurse, certified health coach, heart attack and stroke survivor, wife, mother, grandmother, author, teacher, and Southern girl at heart. 

My  health  coaching  values  include  BALANCE,  MINDFULNESS,  CONSISTENCY,  and  AUTHENTICITY.  My  philosophy:  Health  occurs  once  choice  at  a  time.


Who I Help?

I help people who may  have lost hope in becoming healthy find their way back to balance and inspiration. If you’re looking for a “boot camp” type experience, this program is probably not for you. I coach balance and slow, steady changes along with mindset work. 


Work With Me!

Start where you are and start TODAY!

I offer a variety of programs and would love to talk with you about your dreams and desires. Contact me at to set up a complimentary exploration call. 


Simply put, this website, Coach Lisa T!, and/or Lisa Trogdon do NOT offer medical advice and nothing written here should ever be used as a substitute for care by your healthcare professional. I am not a medical doctor and I do not provide medical advice, or make any guarantee or promise that you will become free from diseases or conditions now or in the future. Thank you!