Diets don’t work! Let’s talk about what does work!

Certified Health Coach and Registered Nurse


Benefits of a Health Coach

You  may  be  asking  yourself,  “Why do I need a  health  coach?”  Research  indicates  that  people  who  work  with  a  coach  are  more  successful  than  those  who  go  it  alone.  Here are some  other important  reasons  to  consider  working  with  a  coach.  

  • As a health coach, I can help you focus on a variety concerns. A holistic approach with  the  assistance  of  another  perspective  can create a  focus  on  total  health  rather  than  an unbalanced  focus  on  weight loss alone.
  • I will  work  with  you  to  develop  SMART  goals  (specific,  measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based) so you will have a way to evaluate and measure your progress.
  • Together we’ll work on decreasing any ambivalence (having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about changing behavior), replacing negative self-talk (the “not nice” things we tell ourselves) and help you develop a growth mindset. A growth mindset means you believe you can grow and learn and change.
  • Early on, we will begin to plan for potential barriers and challenges. Often we don’t succeed because we didn’t have a plan. When life happens, as it always does, you’ll be prepared with an action plan to meet the challenge.
  • My philosophy of health is based on slow and steady change along with balance. We will explore the connection between your own values and their relationship to achieving your health goals. 
  • I believe each of my clients will agree—I’m an amazing cheerleader and your success matters to me! If we decide to work together, I’ll be your advocate for life. ❤️

Start  where  you  are  and  start  today!